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Webinar Preview – Why are we getting leadership wrong and what to do about it

NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, talks about the upcoming webinar, Why we are getting leadership wrong and what to do about it. Following on from the last webinar, which explored the gap between what the research tells us about leadership and what we see being put into practice, this webinar presents some new research and some practical tools you can put into use straight away.

What has innovation done for us, as species?

What has innovation done for us, as species?

In this short extract from our first Workplace Thinking video, Innovation Consultant James O’Loghlin looks at how innovation is the difference between us and, well, the rest of the animals. As presenter of the ABC’s The New Inventors for eight years, James accrued a wealth of insights around invention and innovation.

Webinar Preview – Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong? – Rachel Grahl

Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong?

One of our guest panellists for tomorrow’s webinar/forum will be Rachel Grahl from Grahl Consulting. Watch the video above for some of her thoughts about leadership. Rachel is a people leader and strategic execution specialist with more than 15 years of experience and a track record of excellence in delivery and change capability development.

Webinar: Why do the Best Leaders lead with the brain in mind

Our free webinars kicked off for the year with this one conducted yesterday (17th February 2021). In Why Leaders Lead With the Brain In Mind, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, presented some ground-breaking ideas around what she calls Social Safety and how sub-conscious drivers constantly feed into psychological safety – which underpins the organisational outcomes we all want.

Workplace Thinking – Episode 1 – Innovation

In this first episode of Workplace Thinking, innovation consultant, lawyer, broadcaster, and comedian, James O'Loghlin, talks about innovation and how organisations can be more innovative. NeuroCapability founder and CEO, Linda Ray, looks at the interview - and the topic of innovation - through a neuroscience lens.