Brainbite: Creative Brain

Stuck for ideas? Not sure what to do? Our life needs some balance to ensure our creativity doesn't suffer.
Watch this brainbite and learn a couple of tips to improve creativity.

Brainbite: Good Questions

Litigators, Journalists and Doctors are trained to ask really good questions to elicit the answers they need so they can do the work they do.
“The better we become at asking good questions, the better we increase our skill in listening.” ~ Penny Curnow
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Brainbite: How to supercharge your brain

Imagine if you could supercharge your brain! Well, you can. Research now gives us a greater understanding of how the brain works, enabling us to take control of the brain and play a more proactive role in setting our direction. NeuroCapability students report great results in supercharging their brains, helping them achieve better outcomes from themselves, their people, and their organisations.

Brainbite: What Great Leaders do

It's never been more important to Lead With the Brain in Mind. In these trying times, you need the right tools and techniques to create your own certainty and secure a future for yourself, your team, and your organisation. These simple strategies are just a taste of what you can learn in the free Leading With the Brain in Mind webinar.

Brainbite: Brain Extenders

What is a brain extender -- it is whatever you can do to get information out of your head.

When we are stressed or overwhelmed, we have a hard time to recall things. Think about how you can utilise 'Brain Extenders' to help you remember easier.


Brainbite: Stress and its impact on the brain

"No two people feel stressed or frazzled in the same way"
~Penny Curnow

People are encountering stress and overwhelm and this is contributing to a constant state of frazzle. While stress itself is not necessarily problematic, the accumulation of cortisol in the brain can have long-term effects that can lead to health problems.

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Brainbite: Let Your Mind Become a Lens

"The quality of our work produced equals the time that you spent, but is maximised by the intensity of the FOCUS." ~ Penny Curnow

Think about the routine you're going to do to remind your brain that you don't want to be wired for novelty, so you can go into deep work where you can be more focused.

Brainbite: The Goldilocks Effect of Overwhelm

NeuroCapability's PENNY CURNOW gets this BrainBite "just right", talking about the Goldilocks Effect and managing overwhelm. Penny explains the CHIPS model and how it delivers techniques to avoid overwhelm and keep stress levels under control.

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Brainbite: Balancing Your Body Budget

You can only do deep for a short time before you have to have a break. Our brain needs good systems, good nutrition and good amounts of sleep in order to be able to function properly.

NeuroCapability's PENNY CURNOW created this short BrainBite about your body budget and how you can't keep making withdrawals without topping up your account (with rest, good nutrition, and rest).

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