Want a high performing organisation? Why psychological safety is key!

In this third webinar in the Psychological Safety Strategy series, Linda Ray explores what she calls the impending “Psychological Divide”. Using real world examples of what organisations are doing well, or attempting to do well, Linda describes how implementing a Psychological Safety strategy will put your organisation on the right side of the Psychological Divide and why your strategy needs to be developed in-house.

Webinar preview: Psychological Safety Series – The Leader

How to be a better leader using neuroscience to increase your capabilities
Despite decades of research emerging from social neuroscience, there’s a disconnect between what science shows and what leaders do. We know that leaders influence the psychological safety climate of their organisation by as much as 75% and we know there are key leadership traits and capabilities that are critical to positively influence teams and their performance.

WEBINAR PREVIEW: Be Your Own Stress Master

If one webinar could offer valuable tools that everyone needs, it would be this one – Be Your Own Stress Master: Tools for workplace wellbeing and productivity in challenging times.
NeuroCapability founder and CEO, Linda Ray, presents the neuroscience behind stress and gives you the tools you need to not only cope with stress but also to boost your productivity and happiness.

Webinar Preview – Why are we getting leadership wrong and what to do about it

NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray, talks about the upcoming webinar, Why we are getting leadership wrong and what to do about it. Following on from the last webinar, which explored the gap between what the research tells us about leadership and what we see being put into practice, this webinar presents some new research and some practical tools you can put into use straight away.

Webinar Preview – Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong? – Rachel Grahl

Why Do We Keep Getting Leadership So Wrong?

One of our guest panellists for tomorrow’s webinar/forum will be Rachel Grahl from Grahl Consulting. Watch the video above for some of her thoughts about leadership. Rachel is a people leader and strategic execution specialist with more than 15 years of experience and a track record of excellence in delivery and change capability development.