Webinar: Great Decisions – How to make decisions with confidence

October 8th, 2020

In this webinar, NeuroCapability CEO, Linda Ray shared the cognitive factors influencing decision making and the reasons why we make "not-so-great" decisions. Linda also shared strategies for brain-friendly decision making that's useful as our brains continually confront hundreds of different choices.

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Webinar: The Brain, so what? – Conversations About Change

September 24th, 2020

In this webinar, NeuroCapability CEO Linda Ray talks with Bronny Coombes about whether change management is the right term for our 21st century of work? Many organisations tackle change from the outside, often as something to be fixed, and generally from a process or system view.

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Webinar: Great Question – How to ask good questions

September 10th, 2020

In this NeuroCapability webinar, Linda Ray discusses how to ask brain-friendly questions. She advises we build up a "question bank", compiling questions that we know will hit the mark, based on research, so we can avoid resorting to some of the traditional questions that trigger a threat response.

Webinar: Feedback – Why our brains need it

July 30th, 2020

"Feedback is fundamental to us and we cannot thrive without it." ~ Wendy Hall

Throughout this excellently-presented webinar, Wendy Hall, NeuroCapability Alumni and Guest Presenter, shared the impact of feedback on our brains and offered three useful models that can be used as leadership tools for giving feedback.

Webinar: Stress and Memory – Why Stress is bad for your brain

July 23rd, 2020

Stress levels can significantly impact our brain's ability to encode and recall memory. But, in short bursts, stress can be positive, such as helping you avoid danger or meet a deadline.

This webinar was well attended with plenty of engagement as people shared their thoughts, experiences and question.

Webinar: Neuroscience and the Goldilocks Effect of Managing Overwhelm

July 16th, 2020

Attention is a very valuable resource but unfortunately, we get distracted about once every 5 minutes as we try to thrive in the 'Age of Distraction'.

Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, expounded the term 'Multitasking' as Dual-Task Interference and further explained that 'switching' has a cost where connections begin to fade away making you less productive.