Penny Curnow

Penny Curnow

Learning and Development Specialist

Penny is a learning and development specialist and a Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership Alumni.

Infectious, passionate, caring and professional in her approach, she provides support to students through the online student platform and marking assessments. Penny has a passion for Learning and Organisational Development with over a decade of developing her corporate Persona using her unique style, and guiding many successful businesses.

Organisations Benefit from her vast experience in HR, Corporate and Tourism & Hospitality giving her a unique advantage to influence processes and systems within companies resulting in empowered teams and individuals and amazing ROI’s. Penny loves weaving her unique style of success throughout organisations in industries such as the Aquaculture Industry, Cold Seam Gas, Mining Consultancy and IT Industry to name a few.

When not busy marking assessments and contributing to student discussion posts, Penny can be found playing with one, two or all of her grandchildren, cuddling her three dogs and spending time with her husband. She also has a keen interest in Innovation and Commercialisation and sits on a number of boards.