10673NAT - Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership

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Developed and delivered by NeuroCapability under the auspice of
Response Learning (RTO#30879)
The ONLY Nationally Accredited Program in Neuroscience of Leadership.

In a world that changes so fast and where competition for resources increases every day, you can’t afford to be left behind. Recognising emerging trends and getting in front of the curve is the path to success. Technology improvements over the last few decades have uncovered secrets of the brain and help us understand drivers of motivation, performance, behaviour and influence. Now you can take advantage of the latest research on how the brain works and harness new tools that can take your influence to the next level and enhance your ability to positively impact the world of work.

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Fully accredited with pathways to Masters/PhD

NeuroCapability offers the only fully accredited Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership in the world. Completed coursework can even be used to gain future university credits for recognition of prior learning. With established links to universities, NeuroCapability can also facilitate pathways to a Masters and/or PhD on the back of the Advanced Diploma. NeuroCapability also is accredited with the CPD Standards Office (Proof It's Training You Can Trust) for professionals who are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development in their industry.


A course like no other

NeuroCapability walks its talk so the course is delivered in a brain-friendly way, ensuring the neuroscience is translated to practical application and learning is embedded so you build new habits that stick (watch the video testimonial below).

The fully online delivery means you are in control of your time and learning. But you still have the advantage of regular facilitated contact with other students through study calls and ongoing interactions. The NeuroCapability community becomes your network for life.


A program geared for leaders in any industry

Because everyone has a brain, the latest neuroscience tools can help unlock your team’s full potential (as well as your own) in any industry. The advantage gained with Neuroscience of Leadership means you can be a leader not just for your team but for your industry. Here’s how some the Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership helped past students:



Coaching & Consulting


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10673NAT - Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership
Developed and delivered by NeuroCapability under the auspice of Response Learning (RTO#30879)

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