Stress Mastery Program

Everyone loves the driver’s seat

It’s nice to be in control but sometimes you just have to make the most of the scenery. We don’t get to choose the economic climate in which we operate in 2020, but we do get to choose how we deal with it. How we navigate this new world, including the financial, cultural, professional and social impacts, will determine how healthy our organisations are when we come out the other side.

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Are people your business?

If you believe “Our people are our business”, then their welfare and the future value they bring to the organisation is a priority in stressful times. The Stress Mastery program empowers our response to those tough times with the solid foundation of neuroscience and “whole brain” thinking. Using this program, we can protect our people and enhance their performance at a time when we are seeing such big “human” impacts.

So far, we’ve been caught up with the obvious physical changes to our work environment that need to occur. And, so far, it’s been easy to neglect the emotional and psychological impact on everyone in our teams. Once our team members have restored productivity through working remotely, they will encounter new problems as result, including a lack of connectivity and feelings of isolation. As a leader, you can more easily ensure a psychologically safe workplace within a regular office environment. It’s not that easy when your team is scattered in remote locations. That’s why we believe psychological safety will emerge as one of the key management issues of 2020.


Take control

Helping our teams manage stress and self-regulate their emotions will give them a significant advantage in dealing with these difficult times. The Stress Mastery program gives your team the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the changed workplace and organisational needs.

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Stress Mastery Program