Psychological Safety Audits

Measuring employee engagement, motivation and well-being in real time.

PS25 Background

Business is constantly challenged by poor employee engagement resulting in high turnover rates, poor productivity, increasing Workcover claims and high absenteeism.

How much money is your business losing to these ongoing issues?

What would it mean to your businesses balance sheet if you improved each of these areas by even 10%?

Low employee engagement is a lag indicator of low psychological safety. But how do you measure this? How do you know your ROI for any interventions?

Employee Engagement surveys provide some insight into employee engagement but they are unable to identify the underlying issues at play impacting psychological safety and employee wellbeing. And more often than not, the data takes too long to be analysed, rendering any insights no longer valid.

With CEO’s increasingly being measured on their employee engagement ratings, it’s critical to know any investments made are getting the results you need. It’s critical that your data is still relevant and it’s even more critical that any activities you introduce to improve workplace culture and psychological safety are targeting the root cause – not just offering an interim distraction.

This is where NeuroCapability’s Psychological Safety Audit Tool (PS25) is revolutionary.

Our experience and expertise on psychological safety backed by research from cognitive social neuroscience has led to the development of a unique and simple assessment tool to uncover the key factors impacting performance in your business – in real time!

What is it?

NeuroCapability’s PS25 is a revolutionary 25 question team pulse survey identifying confidentially, in real time the lead indicators of high or low psychological safety in teams across five social domains.

The cornerstone of the PS25 tool is the NeuroCapability S.C.A.R.E. model, highlighting the five social domains identified in the cognitive social neuroscience literature in which threat and reward are experienced. It is these five social domains that are the drivers (or roadblocks) to performance in your workplace.

Lead indicators brought to the surface by the PS25 tool can pinpoint factors that can be quickly addressed whilst they are relevant, leading to rapid improvements in psychological safety, employee wellbeing and employee engagement.

How much money is your business consistently throwing away on interventions to improve engagement, with no real results?

What would it mean to your business if you could improve employee engagement by 20%?

Why is it important?

Psychological safety is recognised as the key to high performing teams. Google’s Project Aristotle identified it as THE critical factor in their team effectiveness. It is also THE key to employee wellness in the workplace.

High levels of psychological safety indicate high levels of trust, respect and support for difference and different ideas. An environment in which people feel heard, valued and supported.

In return, businesses experience higher levels of engagement, increased motivation and improved productivity. Resulting in:

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced Lost time injuries
  • Increased profits
  • Reduced Workcover claims
  • Reduced workplace conflict
  • Improved wellbeing.

What would it mean to your business if you could improve any of these areas by 30%?

What would it mean to your business if you could improve ALL of these areas by 30%

How will it help your business

Become recognised as an employer of choice:

Business is increasingly challenged to hire and retain good staff. Staff that care about your business and positively contribute to its success. Improving your workplace environment and building high levels of psychological safety in your business, creates demand for employment opportunities in your organisation.

Focus on leads, not lags:

Engagement surveys are a lag measure. Using PS25 you can start to focus on lead measures and identify your ROI.

Identify key indicators impacting your business performance. Work with our team of specialists to design targeted interventions to improve the key capabilities required for leadership success in your environment and let innovation and employees flourish.

Exchange liability for prosperity:

In Australia, 92% of serious work-related mental disorders are attributed to work-related mental stress (Safe Work Australia).

Wellbeing programs focus on the individual and their capacity to build resilience and fail to recognise the role of workplace environments and practices that impact engagement and performance.

In light of the recent introduction of Industrial Manslaughter Laws in Queensland, it is evident that businesses are increasingly being held accountable for their role in employee wellness with large penalties for businesses AND executives who fail to act.

PS25 is a cost-effective and robust method to measure employee engagement, motivation and wellbeing. Allows you to act quickly whilst data is relevant and pertinent. By pinpointing exactly where the gap is, it provides efficient and economical targeted solutions to minimise unnecessary turnover, decrease absenteeism and improve employee willingness to productively contribute to the success of your business.

How can we help your business grow?

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Real-time Reporting

Receive up-to-date and applicable insights on the key drivers impacting engagement in your team.


Complete transparency on team engagement and wellbeing

Effectively address root causes of low engagement with our range of targeted solutions.


Identify the key issues affecting your bottom line

Gain insight into the LEAD indicators that are working well and those that need immediate attention.


Get robust ROI reporting

Track changes to engagement and employee wellbeing in real-time as you implement solutions.


Take an in-depth look into your business

25 questions across 5 domains pinpoint the threats to your team's success and highlights areas in which teams are thriving.


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