Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership (10673 NAT)

A human-centred brain-based leadership program developing authentic and transformational leaders.

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February 11, 2019

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The best leaders lead with the brain in mind

Neuroscience of leadership is a ‘driver’s handbook’ for the human brain. By understanding the key components, how they interact and why you do what you do, you too can ‘crack the code’ into what is driving behaviour, interactions, motivation, engagement, learning, decision-making and change, in your teams or organisation.


Optimise your performance

Learn how to stay cool under pressure and improve your performance by at least 20%


Reduce turn-over costs

Understand the keys to high performance and engagement for yourself and others


Increase your influence

Improve team collaboration, decision-making and creativity in your organisation


Differentiate yourself

Gain effective leadership skills that really get you noticed


Bridge technical to leadership gap

Understand the keys to high performance and engagement for yourself and others


Be change ready

Learn how to foster agile, sustainable change in yourself, others and your organisation


Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership (10673 NAT)


Developed and delivered by NeuroCapability under the auspice of Response Learning (RTO#30879)


ONLY Nationally Accredited Program in Neuroscience of Leadership.


An 18-month program developed on a flipped-learning model. Students engage with concepts online via a student portal in their own time, then come together to clarify knowledge and contextualise concepts via collaborative study calls and robust online discussion forums led by highly-trained facilitators.

All activities are designed to support students to attain greater focus on application of concepts and strategies in their own context, embedding knowledge and supporting sustainable habit change.


(includes course costs, payment plans, full course outline, enrolment form and Training Participant Handbook)

Course Structure:

Introductory Module:

(3 weeks duration)

Introduction to neuroanatomy and neurophysiology

Study Period 1:

(15 weeks duration)

Apply brain science to self regulation in the workplace

Study Period 2:

(15 weeks duration)

Apply brain science to enhance productivity and decision making

Study Period 3:

(15 weeks duration)

Apply brain science to enhance engagement and collaboration

Study Period 4:

(15 weeks duration)

Apply brain science to goal attainment and facilitating sustainable change

What you get:

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  • Global learning community
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Thank you NeuroCapability team for supporting me on an amazing journey through the world of neuroscience and its applicability to leadership. With the perfect mix of science and practical strategies and techniques you have allowed me to become more effective in the workplace. I understand the motivators and detractors for both myself and the team more clearly and am able to create a 'brain friendly approach' that meets the needs of both the individual and the broader team allowing for success.

Adele Fenwick


"Very relevant, my role requires effective collaboration, leadership skills, change management. This course directly linked with my PD [professional development] and I found it very valuable.

As an Aboriginal woman working mostly in a mainstream environment I have been able to successfully utilise newly learnt skills in my working environment for better decisions and collaboration across all teams.

This program is better than a basic leadership and management program due to the science of how our brains work rather than theories."

Sharon Taylor