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"I would recommend this Course to everybody. For Aboriginal people, it is the least ‘ eurocentric' teaching I have experienced, unlike law or anthropology or psychology where assumptions about group dynamics undermined their efficacy. It provides not only knowledge about the workings of the brain but also encourages us to bring out the best in ourselves and others, while giving us the tools to do so."

Sharon Payne
Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership Alumni, 2014


18-month nationally accredited program

10673NAT Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership

Next Course Start Date: February 2022


Developed and delivered by NeuroCapability under the auspice of Response Learning (RTO#30879)


Non-accredited program

Neuroscience of Leadership
18 Month Certificate Program

Designed for leaders looking for an evidence-based
curriculum they can apply to today’s challenges

A research-based curriculum that transforms neuroscience concepts into real-world practical applications

Neuroscience of leadership is a ‘driver’s handbook’ for the human brain. By understanding the key components, how they interact and why you do what you do, you too can ‘crack the code’ into what is driving behaviour, interactions, motivation, engagement, learning, decision-making and change, in your teams or organisation.

What our students and alumni
say about our program

From coaches to key decision-makers, our students are using neuroscience to
supercharge their leadership approach.

Who Are Our Programs For?

  • Individuals looking for an evidence-based curriculum they can apply to today’s challenges
  • Managers who find traditional practices ineffective in achieving the results they need to meet their objectives
  • Those working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, looking to build trust, and improve engagement
  • Innovators and creators who need to find new ways to understand human experiences in this interconnected world
  • Consultants, trainers, coaches, teachers, principals or anyone who needs to keep people focused, motivated, and engaged
  • If your workday involves leading anyone with a brain…. then this course is for you!

All our programs are developed using our
Human-centred brain-based model of leadership


NeuroCapability’s human-centred, brain-based model of leadership

One of the important aspects of fostering effective teams is building a psychologically safe climate for each member to learn and grow through success and failure. Neuroscience of Leadership is a human-centred, brain-based approach to developing your workforce capability. It goes beyond traditional leadership models that predominantly focus on Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence alone. At NeuroCapability, we know our third Intelligence is what builds truly great leaders. We call this third intelligence – Attentional Intelligence.


“As an executive leadership coach/high performance team facilitator, the knowledge gained in the course applies, and is used in all aspects of my consulting business – one-one-coaching techniques, coaching-the-coach, problem solving/strategic planning sessions, high performance teamwork, etc.

The latest research, models/frameworks/tools have been able to be applied in all of my work, and have inspired my clients to embrace and leverage the neuroscience of leadership to improve capabilities and positive impact in their roles.”

Suzanne Bourke


“I am enjoying the course enormously – it’s one of the best I’ve ever participated in. I’m really impressed with the structure, signposting and application of good neuroscience principles in the learning itself. I believe I have lots of thickening neural networks in my brain!

I’ve also found much of the learning is really helping my coaching clients.”

Paul Chudleigh