Brainbite: Mental Priming

“Whatever you think, you become.”

Watch this week’s brainbite and learn more about Mental Priming that has been widely used in sports training with great success.

Our brain is like a BlackBox — it doesn’t know anything other than the input that you put into it.

Brainbite: Trepidation

We’ve been in weeks of lockdown and many have experienced mental challenges. Some people felt lonely and stressed and we need to be really mindful of how people are feeling.

Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, shared the trepidation that many people experience that this situation has brought and how we can overcome this fear.

Brainbite: Mindfulness Tips

It is very important to be present at the moment and get rid of all the clutter in our brain.

Linda Ray, NeuroCapability CEO, shared tips that will help us to look after our attention and ensure that we're mindful rather than being mind full.

4 Mindfulness Tips
1. Get things out of your head that are cluttering
2. Pay attention to your attention
3. Practice everyday moments of mindfulness
4. Give yourself a break

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Neuroplasticity and our brain wiring

“An old dog can’t learn new tricks – unless they’ve learned Neuroscience”
- Penny Curnow

In today’s Brainbite, Penny shares about Neuroplasticity and how we can change our brain wiring – on who we are, what we do and how we react to things.