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Millennials want a “better new normal”

Millennials Want a “Better New Normal”
What we can learn from the research to help this generation thrive?
Dr Justin James Kennedy with Meg Price

(Originally published in Psychology Today 27 October 2020)

Millennials are perceived as lethargic narcissists or eager optimists keen to keep the planet green.

Why Your Brain Needs to Feel More Trust

How psychological safety impacts performance and well-being.
Brain Reboot by Justin James Kennedy, PhD, D.Prof. with Tim Wigham and Linda Ray
Previously published in Psychology Today. Click here

Mood is the background music, the ambiance, the feeling we have about an environment.

Webinar: Great Question – How to ask good questions

In this NeuroCapability webinar, Linda Ray discusses how to ask brain-friendly questions. She advises we build up a "question bank", compiling questions that we know will hit the mark, based on research, so we can avoid resorting to some of the traditional questions that trigger a threat response.