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Why BIG goals get BIG results

What's going to yield better results - smaller goals that are within reach but might leave a little in the tank, or really big stretch goals that put you at risk of falling short? Marketing expert DAVE WESTMAN takes a look at why going large on goal-setting can produce outstanding results.

NeuroCapability Testimonial: Stephen Lambe

"On the basis of paying for the course, I was able to pitch for some work which then got my investment back and profit on top of it within about a month and a half"

~Stephen Lambe

In terms of decision making and productivity, Stephen found the course to be very effective and productive in the senior management and executive sector.

How stress management changed my life

Stress is an unavoidable part of life and, thanks to the pandemic, it’s played a bigger role in our lives for the past year. DAVE WESTMAN of Flat Cat Marketing looks at a technique for coping with stress and living a healthier life, using neuroscience.

How Japanese story-telling can drive innovation

If a friend calls and wants to meet up in Tokyo for some Pecha Kucha – don’t expect to be sipping an organic drink or being massaged with a hot rock. As DAVE WESTMAN of Flat Cat Marketing explores, the new art of Pecha Kucha has a lot to offer organisations wanting to develop high performing teams.