The Neuroscience of Your New Year’s Resolution

How can you be happier, thinner, or really successful in 2021? Dr Justin James Kennedy discussed the question in this blog

Originally published 01 Jan 2021 in Psychology Today (Read it here)

• Do you want to be fitter, or just slimmer?
• Do you want to be smarter, or wiser?
• Do you want to be happier, less stressed, or more in control?

We all "want" ALL these and many other things in 2021. But before we go any further it may be useful to clarify the difference between what you want and what you need in this new year, as well as your source of motivation.

You Can’t Improve EQ But You Can Improve Feeling Intelligence

It's about learning to control the feelings that follow.
by Dr Justin James Kennedy, Ph.D., D.Prof. Co-authored with Dr. Yelena Akelina, professor of micro-surgery, at Columbia University

(Originally published in Psychology Today 30 November 2020)

Do you think you understand how to improve your Emotional Intelligence? Let me share with you that this is simply not possible.

Millennials want a “better new normal”

Millennials Want a “Better New Normal”
What we can learn from the research to help this generation thrive?
Dr Justin James Kennedy with Meg Price

(Originally published in Psychology Today 27 October 2020)

Millennials are perceived as lethargic narcissists or eager optimists keen to keep the planet green.

Why Your Brain Needs to Feel More Trust

How psychological safety impacts performance and well-being.
Brain Reboot by Justin James Kennedy, PhD, D.Prof. with Tim Wigham and Linda Ray
Previously published in Psychology Today. Click here

Mood is the background music, the ambiance, the feeling we have about an environment.

Give your brain a break!

Our brains are under more pressure and stress in the Covid-19 environment than at any time in our lifetime. Most of you are working from home and juggling family, work and getting used to being confined mostly to home. It is hard for the boundaries for work and home to stay separate in this environment. Some of you have had to quickly master online meetings and the technological challenges that may go along with this.

Body, Mind, Soul

During a recent webinar, workplace wellness experts, Thea O’Connor, Linda Ray, and Cynthia Hickman offered some insights on how we can care for ourselves and each other during challenging times. You can watch the video or read a transcription of the conversation below.

Love (and survival) in the time of COVID-19

The combined health and economic crises that coronavirus bring in 2020 is a challenge for our brains and emotional well-being. DR FIONA WARNER-GALE, from Thinking Through/Associate Development Solutions, looks at how we can work with our brain to not only survive and heal but grow and draw strength from this challenging experience.