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about us

about us

When it comes to influencing, engaging and motivating others,  what’s happening in the brain makes all the difference!


We’re a responsive, forward-thinking, and passionate team that thrive on helping people to harness the power of their most important asset – their brain.


If you think neuroscience is a fad – then think again.  It’s a powerful means to transform the way you work, lead, learn and live.


We provide a range of solutions that support you to take charge of your brain and outperform others who don’t give it a second thought.


If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to manage stress, anxiety, fatigue, emotion contagion, distraction or engagement and productivity in your workplace, then perhaps it’s time you started to understand the brain at work.

Our Creative Team

Linda Ray


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Karren Jensen


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Ember Jiddah

Executive Assistant Extraordinaire

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Martin Turnbull

Learning and Development Specialist

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Penny Curnow

Learning and Development Specialist

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What we Value

At NeuroCapability we value being brain-friendly.  This means rewarding the brains we work with.  We aim to achieve this through:


We value being honest, truthful and consistent in our actions, values, methods and outcomes.


Our brains are infinitely curious.   By asking the right questions we support clients to open up to new ways of thinking and new opportunities.


We provide solutions and training based on the latest research into the human brain.  Research that we openly share with clients to support your understanding.


All work and no play….  that’ not us!   Fun is an important part of our process and brings joy to our work


Creative thinking is the corner stone of our business.  We love helping teams to find new perspectives on old and new challenges.


This goes hand in hand with creativity.  Build a culture of creativity and innovation will flow


We value being true to who we are.  No gimmicks, no tricks.


We don’t try to do everything.  So we love connecting with other like-minded individuals and organisations to make great happen.


we work with you and others to ensure your business can be the best it can be.  Diversity of thinking leads to great insights and solutions to challenges.


We dare to think differently and to challenge traditional business practices.  We believe workplaces should be wonderful and we are sharing our vision with the world.