About NeuroCapability

Drawing from the latest neuroscience research to transform how leaders and organisations work

We are pioneers in the Neuroscience of Leadership

We work closely with individuals, teams, and organisations to develop their NeuroCapability. That is, their ability to understand and use their most important asset – their brain.

For more than a decade, our course developer, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Linda Ray, has been turning complex science into practical applications. She has developed curricula and learning models emerging from insights in cognitive social neuroscience, positive psychology, strengths-based approaches, design thinking, appreciative inquiry, complexity theory and neuroeconomics.

Our Neuroscience of Leadership program has been delivered to students in Australia and internationally across Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. We continue to contribute to the industry through our research partnerships with Pockets of Brilliance Research Institute.

NeuroCapability developed and gained ASQA approval for the 10673NAT Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership and launched the program in 2018.

Neuroscience of Leadership

Learn how to harness the power of your most valuable asset and to improve performance for self, teams, and for organisations.

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Practical tools and tips you can immediately adopt to manage demands, stress, and emotions at home or in the workplace.

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Our Values

Our purpose is to bring positive, lasting change to how you interact with and influence others. At NeuroCapability, we are driven to create brain-friendly workplaces through:


Our foundational value is being honest, truthful and consistent in our actions, values, methods and outcomes.


All work and no play…. that’s not us! Fun is an important part of our process and brings joy to our work.


We love connecting with like-minded individuals and organisations to make great things happen.


By asking the right questions, we support clients to open up to new ways of thinking and new opportunities.


Creative thinking is our cornerstone. We love helping teams find new perspectives for tackling challenges.


We work with you and others to foster diverse insights and ensure your business can be the best it can be.


Our solutions and training are based on the latest brain research that we openly share with our clients.


This goes hand in hand with creativity. Building a culture of creativity paves the way for innovation.


We dare to think differently by challenging traditional business practices and promoting wildly wonderful workplaces.


We value being true to who we are. Authenticity is our way of building trust amongst internal and external clients.