Webinar: Great Question – How to ask good questions

September 10th, 2020
Webinar: Great Question – How to ask good questions

In this NeuroCapability webinar, Linda Ray discusses how to ask brain-friendly questions. She advises we build up a "question bank", compiling questions that we know will hit the mark, based on research, so we can avoid resorting to some of the traditional questions that trigger a threat response. This webinar offers a practical how-to guide so you'll want to get your pen and paper ready before hitting the play button. There were a few technical difficulties with this particular webinar's delivery, but we're sure you'll appreciate the value it delivers.

Complementary Article:

Disclosing information about the self is intrinsically rewarding
Diana I. Tamir1 and Jason P. Mitchell
Department of Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138

Suggested questions from the chat pane

  • Anna Antypas
    I struggle with sitting with silence when someone does not respond to a question!
  • Penny Curnow
    Anna, completely agree it is such a skill to be learnt. There are ways to create this skill.
  • Nancy
    Tell me more about...”
  • Kathy
    At my old work, we had a ‘yes and’. we used it at training sessions like a team-sport and we had to take it in turns to say ‘yes, and’ and build on a point, instead of ‘yes but’ which detracted. it’s harder than we’d think
  • Yvette
    Knowing yourself, what do you think will get in the way of you achieving this goal?
  • Lani Beer
    What’s holding you back right now?
  • Nancy
    What would success look like? (to focus on a future state)
  • Kathy
    How can I support you in that / what do you need from me?
  • Yvette
    What's the worst that will happen if you achieve this goal? (hunt out the payoff for them not having done that already - its an ecology check to make sure they aren’t going to create other problems by adopting a new behaviour etc)
  • Debbie Sonin
    What would be helpful now for you?
  • Lani Beer
    What’s one thing you could to propel you forwards?
  • Meg Price
    One I heard on a ted talk - “what would happen if you looked at your story and wrote it from another person's point of view” “what would you see from this wider view” ….
  • Anna Antypas
    Counting to 10- so simple, I’ll try it
  • Karen Pennie
    Imagine this as a ladder, what is the first step you need to take
  • My Holland
    What question you don’t want me to ask?
  • Yvette
    What's going to happen if we don’t do anything?
  • Tasneem Ahsan
    Let me know your thoughts
  • Anna Antypas
    What’s the question here that we are not asking?

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