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Harnessing the power
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At NeuroCapability we’re helping individuals, teams and organisations HARNESS THE POWER OF THEIR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET… their brain. Are you ready to join us?

Our Human-Centred Brain-Based Leadership Model

“It’s our ability to work together that makes our dreams believable and, ultimately, achievable.”

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

The defining quality of great leadership is the ability to influence and empower those around you to ‘make great happen’.  But it requires loosening the reigns of control and building psychologically safe environments for staff to learn and grow through success and failure.

Neuroscience of Leadership is a human-centred approach to developing your workforce capability.  Whilst traditional leadership models focus predominantly on the how-to of leadership with more recent introductions of Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence capabilities, at NeuroCapability, we know our third Intelligence is what builds truly great leaders.   We call this third intelligence – Attentional Intelligence.

Our most popular programs

Neuroscience Of Leadership

A contemporary leadership program to transform the way you work.

This is a leadership program like no other.   This program will raise the bar on leadership within your organisation and industry through supporting you to understand leadership through the lens of neuroscience.

This program will position you to make the most of the emerging evidence providing the greatest insights into human motivation, engagement, and behaviour.


Help your people understand their brain and what they can do to optimise its performance.

BrainBites are an easy and effective solution to support your people to manage stress, anxiety, fatigue, emotion contagion, distraction, burn-out, engagement and motivation.

BrainBites are guaranteed to get everyone thinking about their thinking.

For Individuals, Teams and whole organisations. In fact, anyone with a brain!


NEW COURSE: ASQA approval for our Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership course has been received. We are the only accredited course in Neuroscience of Leadership in the world.

Due for public delivery in mid 2018.

Separate yourself from your competition, and learn how to influence, motivate and engage with the brain in mind.

Upcoming Events




The Neuroscience of Learning and Leading

Learn why the digital era is a bit like climate change.
Where: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Linda Ray shares why as leaders and educators we should be concerned about a number of alarming trends in today’s future leaders and what we can do to address this rising tide.

9 – 11



2018 NEAS Management Conference

Beyond the Digital Revolution in ELT
Where: Sydney

Linda Ray – Conference Speaker and Workshop Presenter

9 May: Pre-Conference Workshop – 2.00pm
Why the best leaders lead with the brain in mind

10 May: Academic Plenary – 10.15am

What we Value

At NeuroCapability we value being brain-friendly.  This means rewarding the brains we work with.  We aim to achieve this through: